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Feb. 4, 2020
Testudo Tortoise Care Resources Testudo Tortoise Care Resources Testudo Tortoise Care Resources

Feb. 12, 2020 — “Testudo” is a genus name, encompassing a number of different tortoise species. The Tortoise Trust has a very complete, full-color, PDF booklet on how to care for several of the different Testudo tortoise species. Specifically, here are the ones covered: MEDITERRANEAN SPUR-THIGHED: (GREEK & IBERIAN), HERMANN’S, MARGINATED and RUSSIAN TORTOISES. You can download this booklet for free from their website, here. The final Testudo species touched upon in this section is the EGYPTIAN TORTOISE with a few informational links you can follow here.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Tortoise Trust group is that they, themselves, go on expeditions to wild habitats to observe what tortoises really do in nature and how they live. They have done extensive research on Testudo species and their work can be applied to the creation of the best possible tortoise habitats in captivity. Here is their article on the importance of outdoor enclosures for tortoises. The "psychological aspect" of natural-like habitats for captive tortoises is often underestimated. Nevertheless, here's a short Facebook post and video from the Garden State Tortoise Rescue showing the growing realization amongst keepers that outdoor habitats (for at least the warm season) are far superior to indoor ones in terms of a tortoise's happiness, well-being and longevity — not to mention the whole UV situation, exercise, self-regulation of diet, etc.

Also from the Tortoise Trust is this article on Diet in General and the Importance of Dietary Fiber. Finally, here's a list of Specific Plants that can be grown in the tortoise's outdoor enclosure for independent, as-needed foraging.

Finally, although all the Testudo species have descended from a common ancestor and are therefore similar in many ways, they aren't identical. They live in different regions, for example, and over time have developed surprisingly different sensitivites and tolerances to heat and humidity. Some Testudo tortoise species and sub-species hibernate in the wild. Some don't. So although the above information is good, basic info, it's also important to fine-tune your set-up for the specific species that you're keeping. Below, then, are informational links for specific Testudo species. Please note that not all experts agree. You may find that the opinions of some authors contradict those of others. In general, newer publications emphasizing more natural, outdoor enclosures and anything on the "Tortoise Trust" website can usually act as tie-breakers in cases of disagreement.

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