About the Search

About the Search

Treasure Chest

Step #1: Searching for Forgotten Treasure:

Go to a place in your home where you know coins tend to gather. I chose to look under the sofa cushions but any likely place will do. The point is to find money that already belongs to you but that you've forgotten about. Make a video of your search naming three people you want to challenge. Kids, please explain this challenge to your parents and find out from them which places in your home are all right for you to search

Other places you might search could be the central compartment in your car, an old piggy bank, the drawers in your desk, the pockets of your clothing — especially laundry! — old junk boxes, etc. So long as it's yours to begin with, it's fair game.

PayPal Giving Fund specifies a minimum donation of $1.00. On the low end, then, you need to find at least a dollar. If that turns out to be absolutely impossible, you have two options: (1) Recruit some friends, neighbors or family members who can also do a search. Then you can make the donation as a team. Think of a good team name! (2) Check out the Donate Page and take advantage of the postal mail-in option.

For the sake of Step #3, try to make a video of your search. If that isn't possible, though, you might take still photos or simply describe your search in writing. You can watch the video I made myself to give you some ideas.

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