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Nov. 6, 2019
The Sofa Cushion Challenge Gets Social The Sofa Cushion Challenge Gets Social The Sofa Cushion Challenge Gets Social

Now you can connect with the Sofa Cushion Challenge on Social Media. If you use the hashtag #SofaCushionChallenge when you post your video or any related stories, images, or creative expressions, it will be easier for others to find it and share it.

Here are the links to the Sofa Cushion Challenge's social media pages:

The social media icons on the right-hand side of the menu bar at the top of every page will take you there as well.

Additionally, if you're on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or LinkedIn and you find any page here on this website that you'd enjoy sharing with your friends, followers or connections, simply use the share buttons located in the footer section of any page:


On large screen devices only, there's also a share bar that appears on the left-hand side of every page — see the working example below. Please consider this page something of an exception regarding smaller-screen devices. The share bar will appear just below this paragraph even on the tiniest smart phone — but only as an illustration for this particular article. In order to keep from crowding smaller screens, though, it will not appear on any other page if you're using a phone or smaller tablet. You can still use the share buttons in the footer, of course, since they appear on every page regardless of screen size.

For other social media platforms, simply copying and then pasting the https:// address should do the trick.

Thanks so much for checking out this site, for sharing any page that you find interesting...

And above all, thank you for accepting the challenge!

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