Speed Bump using his famous skateboard.

This is Speed Bump who is, sadly, no longer with us.
Photo courtesy of the California Turtle & Tortoise Club (CTTC): Valley Chapter.

March 27, 2019
GoFundMe Campaign Launched GoFundMe Campaign Launched GoFundMe Campaign Launched

The tortoise featured on the 2018 California Turtle & Tortoise Club - Valley Chapter show flyer was Speed Bump (pictured above). NBC-4 even included his photo in their on-line article following Michelle Valles' in-studio interview of Bob Hazard, Valley Chapter president. Indeed, Speed Bump was a prime example of the situation the club faced — the arrival of more and more rescued tortoises with really grave injuries who required costly veterinary treatments and rehabilitation prior to any question of re-homing. You can read more about Speed Bump here. Sadly, and despite being the poster child for the 2018 show, he died before the show date actually arrived. Many chapter members openly grieved. Had the PayPal Giving Fund charity certification come through at that time, I'd have named our GoFundMe campaign, "The Speed Bump Memorial Fund." As it turns out, though, certification didn't come until many months later. By then, Lefty had been on TV, a truly staggering number of other rescues needing help had arrived and the "Sick and Injured Tortoise Fund" seemed a more fitting name for the campaign.

I asked Karen Berry, who is the Valley Chapter's treasurer and adoption chair, to send me some photos and to write a little bit about some of the other tortoises who most needed veterinary help and/or rehabilitation. I'd expected a sentence or two. But if you've seen the Gallery, section, you'll realize she did much more than that. As a result, prior to launching the GoFundMe campaign, I created the Gallery right here on the Sofa Cushion Challenge website together with the Woolsey Fire Tortoise Evacuation page. By March 27, 2019 I had all of that finished and so, created the long-awaited Sick and Injured Tortoise GoFundMe campaign with links to the Gallery and Woolsey Fire Pages. I also included a link to the hard-won PayPal Giving Fund page since GoFundMe has a minimum donation of $5.00 and the whole concept of the Sofa Cushion Challenge needs to have a smaller minimum donation ($1 in the case of PayPal Giving Fund). Additionally, PayPal accepts cents, not just whole dollar amounts the way GoFundMe does. So now, donors have the option of doing either or both.

If you've watched the Introductory Video, you've seen that my own Sofa Cushion Challenge search yielded $13.68 and that I donated $12.00 via GoFundMe and $1.68 over on the PayPal Giving fund page so that the total amount (including the 68¢) could be donated.

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