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About Sharing

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Step #3: Sharing Your Story:

If you made a video of your search, now's the time to post it online. Make sure your friends know they've been challenged. Then sit back and wait for their videos! Who found the most treasure? If you couldn't make a video yourself, go ahead and challenge your friends anyway. Let's see how big a difference we can make!

It's true that the minimum donation is only a dollar. It's also true that one dollar may not seem like very much. But that's the point. There are many people who have a dollar of forgotten cash lying around whose finances wouldn't be hurt if they gave it away.

But if thirty-five people were each to give one dollar, that would pay for a visit to the veterinarian. If all the students in one high school were each to give a dollar, that would pay for a surgery.

So post the video of your search on social media. If you couldn't make a video, perhaps you could share a written account of your search. Or maybe some photos, your own drawing or an artistic interpretation, perhaps? Be creative! And then challenge your friends to (1) Search, (2) Donate and (3) Share in their own right. Please use the hashtag #SofaCushionChallenge if you'd like me, or the media or anyone outside your own social circle to see it — or possibly, even, to link to it.

Because, after all is said and done...

We can do together what we can't do apart.

Thank you!

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